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GOVERNMENT OF ASSAM OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INDUSTRIES & COMMERCE, ASSAM UDYOG BHAWAN, BAMUNIMAIDAM, GUWAHATI-21 N O T I F I C A T I O N No. CI&C (III) Web. 70 / 2013 / 81 All Deputy Directors of Office of the Commissioner of Industries & Commerce, Assam, Guwahati-21 are hereby nominated as “Content Manager” for regular supply of information for updating and uploading in the website https://industriescom.assam.gov.in of this Commissionerate under e-Prastuti. All are requested to provide the information to be uploaded in the said website of their respective subjects as mentioned below to Sri Arup Kr. Chakrabartty, Assistant Industries Officer and qualified Master Trainer, e-prastuti, Govt. of Assam for uploading and editing in the said website regularly in the “pdf “ format below 5MB size. Sl. Name & Designation Allotted Subjects as per work order 1 Sri Surjit Barua DD(Admn.) 1. General Administration 2. Record Cell, Office Stationeries Procurement 3. Pension 4. Maintenance of Vehicle 5. Maintenance of Gen Set and Lift etc. 6. Udyog Bhawan Maintenance 7. Maintenance of Library & Front Office 8. 30% CCIS (below Rs. 1.5 Cr) LAZ / NAZ 2 Sri Hiren Talukdar DD (A/C) 1. Account matters 2. All kind of Audit matters 3. Non-Plan fund management 4. IITF / Exhibition 5. Procurement Policy / APSP Act / Facilitation Council 6. DGS&D and Single Point Registration 7. 30% CCIS (below Rs. 1.5 Cr) UAZ / H&BV 3 Sri Ranjan Bora DD (CIW / Tech-I) 1. GM’s meeting & Monthly Progress 2. Multi Disciplinary Skill Development (MDSD) Programme & Skill Development 3. Angel Fund / Sarothi 4. Tool Room / TRTC 5. 3% Interest Subsidy on Working Capital (NEIP & NEIIPP) 6. Plastic & Hydrocarbon, Petroleum 7. Matter related to Export related matter and E-commerce 8. Special Training on exportable product with intervention of New Design Packaging Technique 9. Matters related to jute, plastic / bamboo Tool room / National Test House NSIC 10. All training, Awareness Camps & DP etc. 4 Sri Tapan Deka DD (Tech-II) 1. Certification of ISO, BIS, FASSI, AGMARK 2. CCIS under NEIIPP’ 2007 (High Value) for LAZ, H&BV & Kamrup (M) 3. Non-Conventional Energy Renewal and State Subsidy, CIPET, Food Craft Institute etc. 4. Industrial Facilitation Cell at HQ 5. APART (World Bank Project) 6. Matter related to Quality Control establishment 7. National Test House / Quality Control matter etc. 8. All policy issue related to NEIP / NEIIPP / NEIDS 9. Matter related to Citizen chartered services 5 Sri Ashok Saikia DD (E) 1. Scheme under MSME 2. Matter related to RTI Act, 2005 3. Public Grievances Cell & Redressal 4. Traditional Industries (Handloom & Handicraft) 5. National Award & State Award 6. Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Medical Equipment 7. Matter related to Spice / Rubber / Coir / Coconut / Coffee Board etc. 8. Matters relating to Jute, Plastic / Bamboo 9. Matters related to issue Income Tax, Pollution Control, Central Excise, Labour & service tax 10. Protocol for VIP / Guest 11. SVAYEM 12. Comprehensive Insurance Subsidy under NEIP / NEIIPP’ 07 6 Sri Tarun Kr. Kataki DD (P) 1. Planning & Budget & SDG, Matter related to DIPP / NEC / other Central Ministries / State Department and Corporate Social Responsibility 2. All matter related to Industrial Infrastructure Development & Civil Construction, SEZ, NMIZ etc. 3. Cluster Development 4. EODB, ABIP, Single Window Agency 5. Matter related Goods & Service Tax (GST) Act 6. State Policy & Subsidies, EC 7. Matter related to DIPP / NEC / other Central / State Govt. issues. 7 Sri Gautam Debnath DD (US) 1. Food Processing Industries & Agriculture 2. Scheme related to MSME Ministries including MSE-CDP 3. Capacity Assessment 4. Matter related to Spice / Rubber / Coir Board Coconut / Coffee Board / NIFT / SIFT / CIPET / NSIC etc. 5. Matters related to Jute, Plastic, Bamboo 6. Matter related to Water Hyacinth, Fire work, Areca Nut leaf product. 7. Matters relating to i Income Tax, Pollution Control, Central Excise, Labour & Service Tax 8. 30% CCIS (above Rs. 1.50 Cr.) for NAZ, UAZ & Kamrup (R) 8 Sri Dhireswar Kachari FM (attached to HQ as DD) 1. TSS / FSS 2. Matter related to Court Cases 3. Traditional Industries 4. Matters relating to SC / ST Schemes 5. Chief Minister’s Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana (CMSGUY) 6. Matter related to Central & State PSU’s, PPP & Joint Venture 7. Matters related to proposed World Class Business Centre at Guwahati All concerned are requested to assess the website https://industriescom.assam.gov.in regularly for timely editing and uploading the information. Sd/- Addl. Director (F.P.) Office of the Commissioner of Industries & Commerce, Assam, Guwahati-21 Memo No. CI&C (III) Web. 70 / 2013 / 81-A, Dated Guwahati, the 13th August, 2018 Copy to: 1. The Joint Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Secretariat Administrative Department, Dispur, Guwahati-6 for kind information. 2. The Deputy Director ( ), Office of the Commissioner of Industries & Commerce, Assam, Guwahati-21 for information & necessary action. 3. PA to Commissioner of Industries & Commerce, Assam, Guwahati-21 for kind appraisal to Commissioner. 4. The State Informatics Officer & Sr. Technical Director, National informatics Centre, Assam State Unit, Dispur, Guwhati-6 for information. Addl. Director (F.P.) Office of the Commissioner of Industries & Commerce, Assam, Guwahati-21